Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Thor's Day Viking Reading

Viking Go Home by Faith V. Smith
Wulgar Thorrason’s inability to keep his lust under control earns him the ire of a Faery Princess, who sends him forward in time to modern-day Michigan to learn the difference between lust and love. There he meets Raven Harrison, a romance author. The petite beauty piques his lust, but he sees red when she scoffs at his tale of being a time-traveling Viking.
Raven is blown over by the handsome and half-dressed man who comes out of nowhere. His sensuality sends a shiver of desire straight to her feminine core. However, his tale of being curse by a Faery leads her to believe he should be locked up for his own protection. Before she can suggest just that, someone begins shooting at them, and both she and the Viking are running for their lives.
A circumstance that brings them closer in more ways than one, until their unknown assailant threatens Wulf’s life. Now both must make decisions that could destroy their relationship before it gets off the ground—and before the Viking is snatched back to the past.
My favorite quote in the book: "I may have allowed myself to be led to the bedchamber, but I assure you once there ’twas I who did the leading." Wulgar.


Renee Vincent said...

Oh, great line from the book! Those vikings know just what to say!

Renee Vincent said...

And btw, cute play on words with Thor's day (Thursday). Since I'm passionate about all things Norse, I caught it right away. I bet most people don't even know that is where some of our days of the week came from.

Wednesday" Odin's Day
Thursday: Thor's Day
Friday: Freya's Day

hee hee LOVE IT!!!

Viking Princess said...

Renee, I knew you would catch it :D

Renee Vincent said...

You put a smile on my face every time I return to your blog. I find something great.

Faith V. Smith said...

Dear Viking Princess,

I love your blog! To have you love my work means so much to me. Wulf and Raven are thrilled also!

I'll look forward to seeing what you think about the second book. Although the hero is not viking, Wulf and Raven make several appearances.


Faith V. Smith

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