Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Thor's Day Viking Reading

The Bear and the Bride by Jianne Carlo

Torsten, Jarl of Stjórardalr also known as the Northern Bear, glimpses Ainslin of Durham, a recent widow with two sons, and immediately covets her for his wife. He outmaneuvers his rival, Ainslin’s neighbor Earl Sigrid, and receives the king’s blessing to marry her.

Ainslin fears Torsten's reaction when he discovers she’s a virgin.

How to explain both her maidenhead and twin sons?

She leaves Mercia to marry Torsten and live in Norway to keep her boys safe.

Ainslin’s worst nightmares are realized when her former neighbor - Earl Sigrid - arrives in Norway for King Cnut’s coronation.

What does Sigrid suspect?

Will Torsten cast Ainslin and the boys aside when he discovers the truth?
Torsten has been dreaming of  Ainslin for two years. He first sees her two years earlier while on a visit to Cnut's court. Now she's Torsten's wife...married by proxy.
The book starts off with Ainslin arriving at Torstens longhouse for their honeymoon. The honeymoon love scenes are very sexy and also very romantic. I love when Torsten sits Ainlin on his lap and hand feeds her...very sexy.You feel that Torsten has love in his heart for Ainslin. Since he first saw her two years earlier he hasn't touched another woman. He has waited for her.

Torsten accepts her twin boys as his own. He tells her "we will raise them with our sons." Okay, this is where I fell in love with Torsten. He's all alpha male but also has a big heart.

Torsten is very smart and also very protective of Ainslin. This book has a few twists in it...makes you wonder who's the bad guy and who's the good guy...Helga, stepsister to Torsten with the evil eye, Martha, Ainslin's long time nurse, and Earl Sigrid who lusts after Ainslin. I have a feeling we haven't heard the last from some of these characters.
I'm hoping this is book one in a series because I want more of them. We get to meet Torsten's brothers so maybe there will be more love stories for us to read about in this family.

I purchased this ebook at All Romance Books and I read it in about an hour. I just wish it was longer...I wanted more :)


Leela said...

I loved this book.

The Viking Princess said...

Leela,thanks for stopping by. I loved this book too. For a short story there's a lot going on:
hot sex with a very sexy Viking
the evil eye
swimming in hot springs

I can't wait for more. I hope Jianne Carlo writes more stories about this family.

Jianne Carlo said...

Thank you Viking Princess for that wonderful reviews. And yes there's more coming - The Dragon Slayer's was just contracted, Ruard's tale.

The Viking Princess said...

That's great news for all of us Viking romance lovers. I'll be sure to watch for it :) Please be sure to keep us informed. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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