Friday, June 4, 2010

My Thor's Day Viking Reading

Frozen in Time by KoKo Brown
Reese Johnson yearns for a life other than the world of drudgery she's settled for as the manager of Gotham City Comics. What's that they say? Be careful what you wish for? Well that's a motto Reese should have tattooed across her forehead. Because Loki, the Norse god of mischief, has just the remedy for the boring life of this woman who denounces his existence.
His recipe for disaster?
Take a 30 year-old woman and send her back in time as a pawn for revenge. Couple her with Eirik Sigurdsson, a Viking Warlord, too arrogant and baggage-laden to be of any use for anything, but battle and bed. Mix thoroughly, folding in a heavy dose of pride, a tyrannical king, and a sympathetic goddess. Bake at high until a white-hot love is unleashed and then forever frozen in time.

The book starts off in current times Merritt Island, FL. Reese's big mouth gets her into trouble with Loki, god of mischief, one night while playing a board game the her friends.
The next morning when Reese wakes up she finds herself back in Viking times. Loki gives her a mission to retrieve a black schürl from Viking warlord Eirik Sigurdsson. It's a game she must play with Loki if she wants to return home to her own time. She agrees to play and is given a ancient map of Norway and is told to first look for Eirik's childhood friend Bjarni along the way because he has slaves and she can sneak in to Eirik's longhouse with his slaves, disguised as a male slave.

The plan works and Reese arrives at Eirik's longhouse with a group of slaves. All the slaves are taken to the stream to be stripped of their clothes and bathed. This is when Reese's disguise is blown. When she refuses to take off her clothes to bath this draws the attention of Eirik. He demands that she remove her clothes. When she does Eirik is filled with desire for her exotic beauty. But look out Reese because Eirik isn't the only Viking at Sognefjord that is lusting for you. Bjarni also wants the dark skinned exotic beauty and challenges Eieik for her. Instead of fighting to the death to win her they decide to both seduce her and let her pick the better lover to be with...lucky Reese. May the best Viking lover win.

There's plenty of hot sex in this book. There's even a ménage à trois scene in the bath house between Eirk, Reese and Bjarni. I don't mind ménage scenes in my book but somehow ménage in Viking romance just doesn't seem to go together. At least not with the hero sharing the woman he loves...just seems weird to me to read this. I thought Vikings would kill a man if he even looked too long at his woman.

 There's romantic sled rides, a picnic in the forest followed by hot sex in the snow with a Viking. It's nice to watch these two fall in love.

Eirik's brother King Hákon arrives and starts trouble for Eirik. He has arranged for Eirik to marry a neighboring Jarls daughter. If Eirik refuses to marry he will loose all his possessions to Hákon...including Reese.


Reese will have to make a choice too. Will Reese return the necklace to Loki so she can return home or will she choose to stay in the wilds of Norway with Eirik.
KoKO Brown is a new author to me. I bought this book at Fictionwise and I read it in about
two hours.

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