Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April Fool's Day with Loki's Daughters

Since today is April Fool's Day I thought this would be a great time to read Loki's Daughters. In Norse mythology Loki is known as a trickster; god of discord and mischief; contrived the death of Balder and was overcome by Thor.
Loki was the most unpredictable and certainly the most dangerous god in Norse mythology. His activities ran from the merely mischievous to the blatantly malicious. Supremely clever, Loki ensnared everyone in complicated problems, to which he always supplied a remedy - through his solution often engendered even greater troubles.
Loki is an immensely powerful magician, and shares with Odin the ability to sex and shape shift at will.
Loki's Daughters by Delle Jacobs
The Vikings are coming! -But not to rape and pillage. They mean to stay and make the village women their wives. Maybe they should have picked a different village because the women they call Loki's Daughters are a Viking's worst nightmare.
I think this book is somewhat of a cross between a Sandra Hill and Catherine Coulter romance novel. The Vikings are funny and super sexy and the women are always playing tricks and setting up traps like the women in Coulter's novel Lord of Hawkfell Island.
The Vikings arrive at Cumbria to find wives and make homes.  There are no men at Cumbria because they have all been killed or captured during earlier Viking attacks. The women have been taking care of themselves and the land for almost two years. They are afraid of the Vikings and want them to leave so they try all kinds of funny pranks and tricks (this is why the Viking's have given them the name Loki's Daughters) to try to make these Vikings give up and just go away.  But these Vikings are determined to win their trust and their hearts and set out to court them.

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