Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Thor's Day Viking Reading

Joka of the Vale by JW Cleland
"They came from the east in the spring of the year. I had heard of such as them; the old stories of devils who ate children might have been about their kind. Their attack came silently at dawn, while most still slept and the rest moved slow in the cold. Many of our men were gone, at sea, some were fishing, and the warriors were gone a’raiding. We never thought that anyone would come a’raiding on us."

Joka was a strong, fierce young woman, a misfit even among her own Norse people for her tough character. When the raiders came, she was taken as a hostage and carried far from her home to Germania, adapting to survive, visiting strange new lands and learning that even captors can become friends, and more.

Length: Novella (Caution: Adult erotic content)

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