Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Thor's Day Viking Reading

Her Viking Warrior by Cheryl Alldredge

Her Viking Warrior
A Viking Time-Travel Romance Short Story
Now available as a standalone e-book on Amazon. This story will also appear in the Time Travel anthology, A Twist in Time, due out later this year.

About the story:
Hours after her Inuit grandmother presses an ancient Viking pendant into her hand, trauma surgeon Melina Anana wakes up in a Viking longhouse and more than 1100 years in the past. Her only hope of returning home safely is under the protection of one sexy Viking warrior—a man who could steal her heart.

After five years serving in the treacherous ranks of the Byzantine guard, Erik journeys back to his native lands in Norway only to find his father on his death bed and his people on the brink of war. Only a woman out of time can heal his father and ensure the peace, but will Erik be able to hold her there long enough to fulfill her destiny?

Insiders' Note: Beth and Gunnar from In Time For Christmas make an appearance in Her Viking Warrior!

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