Thursday, July 29, 2010

Major News Flash! Author Sandra Hill Unkills Favorite Characters.

The following headline taken from Sandra Hill's website

That would be the headline if this were a newspaper, and the subtitle would be: “Author Unkills Favorite Characters.”
I kid you not. That’s exactly what I am going to do. Back in 2002, when I wrote MY FAIR VIKING, I killed off Rain and Selik, who had been the hero and heroine of my 1995 book, THE OUTLAW VIKING.

Boy, was that a mistake! I got so much reader mail, saying, “How could you!” A few called it a wallbanger issue. I had figured that Rain and Selik would be old by then, and that readers would accept their death. Hah! I learned my lesson. Never again will I kill off characters from my books.

So, when Avon (Harper Collins) bought up my entire Dorchester backlist (17 books) and decided to start reissuing them in January, 2011, they asked if I would like to make any changes. I asked if I could unkill Rain and Selik, and they said, “Sure.” MY FAIR VIKING has been retitled THE VIKING’S CAPTIVE (for reasons that you wouldn’t believe, ) and given a new cover. In addition, I have gone through the book and added funny scene tags, which have become a trademark of my later releases. Watch here for updates.


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Viking Princess said...

I'm so happy that Rain and Selik are coming back. Selik is one of my all time favorite Vikings. Yes, Daegan Raeliksen from Raeliksen is still right up there in my top three or four Vikings. Maybe one day I'll put together my Top Ten Vikings List...gosh, there so many.
Sandra doesn't mention if she has any plans to bring back Adams little sister Adela...I hope so.
In Sandra Hill's Viking Series I all the her heroines time travel back in time to find their Viking heroes. In Sandra's Viking Series II all of the Heroes(Vikings) time travel to the future to find their heroines. Okay,so IMO to bring Rain and Selik back I think Sandra had Rain and Selik time travel to the future when they got sick and Adela will be with them. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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