Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Thor's Day Viking Reading

I just found a website  where I can order Captured by Vikings and Escape from the Vikings by Torill Thorstad Hauger.

Captured by Vikings The exciting story of two Irish children who are kidnapped by Vikings and brought to Norway to work as slaves. This young-adult novel provides a powerful picture of how the Vikings carried out their raids. It's also a wonderful adventure story! Written by award-winning Norwegian author Torill Thorstad Hauger. Ages 9 -12 (and up!)

Escape from the Vikings In this adventure-packed sequel to Captured by Vikings, we read of the exciting escape made by Tor and Reim, two Irish children who had been captured by Vikings and brought to Norway as slaves. Now they make their way to Iceland and eventually back to their native Ireland. Ages 12 & up.

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