Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Fair Viking becomes The Viking's Captive

Sandra Hill's new release The Viking's Captive is an updated reissue of the her book My Fair Viking. Yes, this is a new title and due to reader demand, she unkills Rain and Selik, the hero and heroine from The Outlaw Viking.

Just for fun I thought I would take a poll to see which cover her readers prefer. Which do you like best? The original cover with Tyra and  Adam on a longboat or the new cover with Adam minus Tyra.

I still like the old cover best because it has both Adam and Tyra on it but I do like the new Adam better...minus his mullet haircut.


Brandy W said...

I admit I like the new cover (minus that horrible hair-do). With the old cover my eyes are drawn to that thing hovering over the water. I'm guessing its part of the boat but its distracting. lol

The Viking Princess said...

I agree Brandy W about the's very big.
Tyra looks beautiful in this picture and I like that this cover shows that she's captured Adam (yes, Tyra is the Viking in this book) and has him tied-up on her longboat.

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