Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Thor's Day Viking Reading

Captured To Breed by Tina Folsom

Norse warrior Leif is captured by a tribe of women who keep men as love slaves. When the crown princess is planning on using him to father a daughter for her so she can assume the throne, the princess' sister Selena comes to his help. As they try to free his fellow warriors, Leif and Selena give into their attraction for each other. But is Selena's help truly selfless?
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Princess Aurora needs a female heir and captures a group of Vikings. She chooses Leif to be her breeder. Leif and Selena have an immediate attraction to one another. Selena wants to helps Leif and his warriors escape. Leif's brother Gunnar and one other warrior  are badly  injured and can't travel. Leif promises to come back for them in a few weeks.
I purchased this ebook from B&N for .99 cents. It's a short story , I read it in about 30 minutes. I liked Leif and Selena as a couple and it has some really good sex scenes but the story ends very suddenly. I contacted author Tina Folsom on her blog  to ask her if there will be a sequel and Tina replied:
"Yes, I'm planning a story about Gunnar, but haven't had time to fit it into my schedule yet. I'm sure you can guess who his heroine will be."

That's good news Tina because I can't wait to find out what happens to Gunnar and the other warrior. I wonder if Princess Aurora will ever get her female heir :)

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