Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Thor's Day Viking Reading

The Peacemaker by Jianne Carlo
’Tis unfortunate that Njal The Peacemaker meets his bride to be dressed in breeches, flaunting a crossbow, and covered in boar’s blood. What he needs is a woman skilled with words, a woman with exquisite manners, a cunning woman capable of maneuvering the political intrigue of a king’s court. Not a rough country lass who hunts and whose kill at a crossbow rivals his.

Bettina wants a man who can thwart her step-uncle’s theft of Castle Arbroath’s treasures. A Viking warrior who’ll strike the fear of God into her enemies. Not a man who values words and peace over all.

Neither Njal nor Bettina expect the incendiary heat of their passionate coupling. What will win out, words or actions? Can a peacemaker tame a warrior bride?
The Peacemaker is book three in Jianne Carlo's Viking Warriors Series.


Brandy W said...

That sounds good. Quite a switch in roles. I like it.

The Viking Princess said...

I know it does sound good. I like it too when the heroine has some warrior skills. She's usually been taught by her brothers or her warrior father... very sexy.

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