Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Outlaw Viking Cover Poll


The Outlaw Viking by Sandra Hill has been reissued this month with a new cover. I thought it would be fun to poll Sandra Hill's fans to see which cover they prefer.
The new cover gets my vote. The new Selik is sexier and has much better hair and the new Rain is beautiful and I love the gorgeous dress she's wearing.

Be sure to read the comments because author Sandra Hill stopped by and comments and has a funny story to tell  about the old cover.


Sandra Hill said...

I agree that the new cover is much prettier than the original one of John D'Salvo in a god-awful blond wig. But I have a funny story about that original cover.

THE OUTLAW VIKING was my second novel, and when I first saw the cover art, I said OMG! Really, are those furs hanging in some artist's closet in New York, and whenever he needs to do a Viking book, he pulls them out?

When I showed the cover to my best friend, she said OMG! as well but for a different reason. Turns out she saw something peeping out of those furs that I hadn't. I looked and I looked and finally I saw it, too. It was almost like one of those Where's Waldo pictures. You can't see the hidden image for the life of you, but then when you finally see it, it's like a blinkin' neon light. For years I had fans who would examine that cover with a magnifying glass looking for "Waldo." Now, it's all I see when I look at that old cover. Forget the moldy furs, check out Waldo. I often wonder if beleagured cover artists sometimes get frustrated with their work and put these little gems in for their own amusement. Or maybe we are just seeing things where there is nothing.

The Viking Princess said...

Okay, I'm defiantly pulling out my old copy and having a look. If I can see Waldo peeping out of those furs I just might have to change my vote and make the old cover my all time favorite.
Thanks so much Sandra for stopping by this morning and sharing your cover story with your fans.

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